Toyota Model Comparisons

The Toyota family is world-famous for providing us with vehicles at or near the tops of their respective classes. No matter whether you're looking for a high-powered or efficient sedan, SUV or even pickup truck, there's something for everyone with this iconic model line. To fully see Toyota's significant footing in the industry, Salinas Toyota has put together some research pages on each of the models that we offer, as well as how they compare to their top competitors in their respective markets. Come and see your favorites in action today!

Rear shot of red 2017 Toyota 4Runner facing mountain

Toyota 4Runner

Bold styling, a durable frame, and ample interior space all make the Toyota 4Runner a front-runner in the SUV market, both on and off the road.

2019 Toyota 4Runner vs 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee
2018 Toyota 4Runner vs 2018 Toyota Highlander

2018 Toyota 4Runner vs 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee
White Toyota Avalon driving in front of boat launch site

Toyota Avalon

Luxurious styling cues are prominent both inside and out with the Toyota Avalon, and an all new, ultra-powerful V6 engine solidifies its position as Toyota's flagship sedan.

2019 Toyota Avalon vs 2019 Nissan Maxima
2018 Toyota Avalon vs 2018 Honda Accord
Three Toyota Camry models parked on waterfront

Toyota Camry

Long a favorite in the mid-size sedan market, the Toyota Camry is legendary due to its high efficiency, Wi-Fi connectivity (on new 2018 models) and understated, yet classy designs.

2019 Toyota Camry vs 2019 Kia Optima
2019 Toyota Camry vs 2018 Volkswagen Passat

2018 Toyota Camry vs 2018 Honda Accord
2018 Toyota Camry vs 2018 Ford Fusion
Rear shot of red Toyota Corolla driving on ramp

Toyota Corolla

The compact sedan market, though quite oversaturated, has a champion in the Toyota Corolla; driven by an efficient motor that's still capable of giving you some added boost, the Corolla shines over all takers.

2019 Toyota Corolla vs 2019 Kia Soul
2018 Toyota Corolla vs 2018 Honda Civic
2018 Toyota Corolla vs 2018 Ford Focus
Isolated view of Toyota Highlander grille and headlights

Toyota Highlander

Much like the legendary Scottish adventurers that provide its namesake, the Toyota Highlander is the perfect SUV companion for every journey you're taking.

2019 Highlander vs 2019 Honda Pilot
2019 Highlander vs 2019 Ford Flex
2018 Highlander vs 2018 Dodge Journey

2018 Highlander vs 2018 Honda Pilot
Blue Toyota Land Cruiser driving on rock formation

Toyota Land Cruiser

When you're looking for exclusivity, high connectivity and great style to boot, the Toyota Land Cruiser is your SUV. All you have to do is lean back and let it take care of any terrain you're heading for!

Year Make Model
Blue Toyota Prius driving with city skyline in background

Toyota Prius

The chief player behind the surge of hybrid popularity on the American market, the Toyota Prius (and its cult following) has routinely proven that no competition can do what it can.

Year Make Model
Rear shot of white 2018 Toyota RAV4 parked in field with mountains in background

Toyota RAV4

With the RAV4 by your side, both the daily commute and the long road trip will feel like an adventure. Plus, with built-in WiFi on new models, you'll stay connected no matter where you are.

2019 RAV4 vs 2019 Kia Sportage
2019 RAV4 vs 2019 Honda CR-V
2019 RAV4 vs 2018 Honda CR-V
2018 RAV4 vs 2018 Nissan Rogue
Toyota Sequoia driving next to lake with mountains in background

Toyota Sequoia

The biggest and best of the Toyota model line can be found with the Sequoia. Just like the big, sturdy trees that it's named after, the Sequoia is able to stand tall against any industry competition.

Year Make Model
Front view of blue 2018 Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna

You and your growing family deserve a minivan that's able to provide you with stellar tech innovations and high amounts of interior volume. Look no further than the Toyota Sienna, consistently one of the best in the business.

2019 Toyota Sienna vs 2019 Honda Odyssey
2019 Toyota Sienna vs 2019 Chrysler Pacifica
2018 Toyota Sienna vs 2018 Chrysler Pacifica
Tan Toyota Tacoma scaling up hill

Toyota Tacoma

Light-duty pickup trucks across the industry can't touch what the Toyota Tacoma can do; it's equally at home on and off the trail, and its underrated power can tow or haul all you need with ease.

2018 Tacoma vs 2018 Honda Ridgeline
White Toyota Tundra driving through mud

Toyota Tundra

Durable, strong, and able to deliver with force and might, the Toyota Tundra is a heavy-duty pickup that doesn't view much of anything as a challenge. That includes pickup competition, which it towers over.

2018 Tundra vs 2018 RAM 1500
Toyota Yaris parked on cobblestone road

Toyota Yaris

The Yaris is an American take on the European vehicle blueprint, making it perfect for city driving while still having enough left over to make the daily journey fun. Quirkiness and great times await behind the wheel!

Year Make Model