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Oil Change Salinas CA

If there is just one service you should have done to your car, it's an oil change. Please, though, have more than just your oil checked throughout the course of your vehicle's lifetime. Anyway, our point is that oil is one of the most important fluids for your car. Gasoline is what makes you go, but oil is what makes your engine work right. Without oil, your engine will eventually die and become useless.

A simple oil change once every 3,000 miles or so will keep you and your engine happy. Every Toyota is different, and some may require an oil change less often. Check your owner's manual to be sure. Whatever the case is, we will help you out. Schedule an appointment and we will get you in and out as quickly as possible. Most oil change appointments don't take any longer than 45 to 60 minutes.

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Order genuine parts from Salinas Toyota

Many drivers enjoy changing their own oil because it's relatively easy and it saves money on labor. If you need an oil filter or anything else for another job you want to do yourself, we can get you the right parts. Conveniently place an order online and wait for us to notify you when they arrive. All Toyota parts are certified and engineered for your exact vehicle.

Services at Salinas Toyota

Yes, we can do more than oil changes. The experienced mechanics in our service center are among the best in all of California. We do everything from oil changes to alignments to electrical service to anything else that is going wrong with your vehicle. For starters, bring your Toyota on in and let us give it an inspection so we know what's going on. Schedule an appointment online or call our service center at 831-444-0700.

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