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Headlight Replacement Salinas CA

A burnt-out headlight isn't good for anyone (except the police department, maybe). It hinders your ability to see at night and it makes you less visible to other drivers. It can also be a one-way ticket to a... ticket. Cops won't hesitate to pull you over and issue a citation for busted headlights. Though an experienced amateur mechanic might be able to replace their headlight on their own, it can be tricky for most drivers who are novices.

Let us help you out. No matter what model you drive and bulb you need, we will get it fixed for you in no time. Different Toyotas feature different headlight assemblies. Schedule an appointment with Salinas Toyota and let our professionals take a look.

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Order genuine parts from Salinas Toyota

If you are part of the group above who enjoys doing their own automotive work, at least let us get you the bulb you need. Need any other parts? We've got you covered there, too. All Toyota parts are authentic and specifically made for your vehicle. Place an order online or come into our service center and see what we have on site.

Services at Salinas Toyota

Years of training, education, and hands-on experience have made our technicians bona fide experts. There isn't anything they can't do. Come see us for your next oil change, alignment, tire rotation, electrical service, or basic inspection. We promise to give you good, hard, honest work. Schedule online or call us at 831-444-0700.

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