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Where can I view a vehicle health report of my Toyota vehicle?

Video guide to the Toyota app vehicle health report 

Where can you view a vehicle health report of your Toyota vehicle? The Toyota app provides you with information on your vehicle’s alerts, maintenance, and more. Watch the video below to learn more. Visit us here at Salinas Toyota for vehicle maintenance or an inspection. We’re located in Salinas, CA 

Toyota App – Vehicle Health Report | Toyota video by Toyota USA 

What can you learn with a vehicle health report? 

These reports give you great insight into your vehicle. The video above goes into more detail, but we’ll recap some of the main points for you. This is what the Toyota app can do for you. 

  • Provides you with information on any vehicle recall notices 
  • Updates you on any vehicle service campaigns 
  • Gives you access to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule 
  • Runs down the recommended service items for your vehicle