grey 2019 toyota prius prime

What are the available color options on the 2019 Prius Prime?

2019 Prius Prime color options 

The 2019 Prius Prime is all about fuel efficiency while still keeping the car fun to drive. It has two fuel sources to utilize to ensure a greater fuel economy while staying well balanced. There are plenty of technology features within the 2019 Prius Prime to keep it comfortable and convenient. All these features are great, but it is always worth seeing what color options are available. Keep reading to find the perfect color that reflects your style. 




2019 Prius Prime in Magnetic Gray

Magnetic Gray 

2019 Prius Prime in Titanium Glow

Titanium Glow 

2019 Prius Prime in Classic Silver

Classic Silver 

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2019 Prius Prime in Blizzard Pearl

Blizzard Pearl 

2019 Prius Prime in Hypersonic Red

Hypersonic Red 

2019 Prius Prime in Blue Magnetism

Blue Magnetism 

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