Tips and tricks for traveling during the pandemic

Traveling tips during COVID 

While it is recommended to stay home this year due to the pandemic, about 42% of adult Americans say they still plan on traveling for the holidays. We have created some tips for traveling during the pandemic for the 72% who say they plan on driving to their destination. 

family traveling during the holidays

Service your vehicle before you hit the road 

You don’t want to be stranded on the side of the road during the holidays, especially when most places are closed. Have your vehicle checked out before you hit the road to play it safe. 

Figure out your plan  

Before you travel, check on the map the CDC has provided to see where the hotspots are. This way you can plan your stops to avoid the worst spots. 

Don’t forget CDC guidelines when going into a restaurant or gas station 

When you do stop, always wear a mask and stay six feet away from everyone you are not traveling with.  

Keep all items secure 

No matter how small, most items can turn deadly in an accident. Secure all gifts, food and baggage down to be safe. If you are bringing pets, keep them on a harness and leash while you are driving. 

Switch drivers and take breaks from driving 

When you stop at rest stops or to get food, try to do some stretching to wake yourself up. The worst thing you can do is drive while drowsy. If you can, switch drivers from time to time as well. 

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