The Best Sports Bars in Salinas, CA

The Best Sports Bars in Salinas, CA

Where Can I Watch the Raiders and 49ers’ games? 

Football season is back on track. Now that the new season has started every football fan will want a great place to hang their hat on a Sunday, watching a rousing football game among fellow supporters of your favorite team.  

So, whether your jersey is the red and gold of the 49ers, the black and silver of the Raiders, whether you like the Rams, the Chargers, or any other team across the country, the time is now to find your perfect spot. So, if you can’t make it up to Santa Clara for the next game or have the time to take a road trip anytime this season, we here at Salinas Toyota have found you the best sports bars there are in Salinas, CA! 

Dubber’s Oldtown Bar and Grill 

With sports memorabilia surrounding the big screens mounted across the walls, Dubber’s is a bar built for sports fans. Located on Main Street down in Old Town, Dubber’s has a great selection of food and drinks, a friendly helpful staff, and a perfect atmosphere to enjoy the big game!  

The Otter’s Den 

A great spot to hang whether you’re into sports, drinks, or bar games, Otter’s Den has you covered on everything. With a giant screen up a the front of the bar catering to room, you can also entertain yourself between plays with darts and pool. On days without a game you can find local bands and DJs providing music for further entertainment. 

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From all of us football fans here at Salinas Toyota, we wish you an awesome time this season and hope your favorite team makes it to the end. If you need any help or work on your Toyota model or are looking to trade-in or buy, you’re welcome to contact us. We’ll get you in and out quick as we can with your car working better than ever.