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Should I get my car washed when it’s cold out?

Car washes when the temperature dips 

In California, we don’t have to worry too much about the winter weather but if you plan on traveling somewhere with snow, you should think about the salt on the roads. Salt can cause harm to your vehicle after a while so you should have it washed off when you have a chance. We have some tips to keep in mind when you get a car wash in winter weather.  

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Keep an eye on the temperature 

If the temperature dips below freezing, this could cause some problems. Any exposed components on your vehicle like the door handles and locks can freeze. One thing you can do is use a clean towel to wipe down your vehicle so the salt doesn’t sit on the exterior. 

What type of car wash is better during the winter? 

There are better options than others when it comes to washing your vehicle in the winter. If you have the option, opt-in for full-service car washes. These facilities will have heated locations and ensure your vehicle is completely dry by the time you leave. If you cannot find any of these options, go for the soft-touch car wash. This will scrub all the salt off and won’t push water into tiny spaces like a touch-free wash would do. The best time to get your vehicle washed is during the day while the sun is still out. Once you have gone through the wash, make sure your vehicle is dry to prevent freezing. 

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