vehicle driving during the fall

Safe driving habits to consider in the fall

Fall driving tips 

Fall is right around the corner which means you will need to change your driving habits. Keep reading to learn about some fall safety driving tips. 

country road in the fall

Give time for your eyes to adjust 

The days are becoming shorter which means when you are done with work there may not be as much daylight. Give your eyes time to adjust before you head out on the road. Leading experts often say it takes between two to five minutes before your eyes are fully adjusted. 

Be careful where you break 

As the leaves began to fall, they become hazards on the road. Wet leaves on the road can be as slippery as ice. To be as cautious as possible, slowly driving through piles of leaves on the road and avoid hard braking on top of them. 

Drive carefully on bridges 

Morning frost can leave icy patches on bridges, shaded spots and overpasses as the temperature begins to drop. Always drive slowly and do not brake hard if you can avoid it. 

Keep your eye out for kids 

Now that summer is over and school is back in session, be careful of new drivers on the road. They will not be used to the back to school traffic. Stay wary of school zones because kids walking may not be paying attention. 

Watch for deer 

Since fall is deer mating season, deer accidents are more common. Dawn or dusk are times when deer are most active. If you do see a deer proceed with caution as they often travel in groups. 

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