side view of the 2021 Toyota Sequoia nightshade edition

Learn all about the pricing of the 2021 Toyota Sequoia

2021 Toyota Sequoia pricing 

More information is coming out about the 2021 Toyota Sequoia! There are 11 configurations to choose between and we will be breaking down the pricing between each of the options. Many of these options offer a choice between 4 x 2 or 4 x 4 drivetrains and the number of passengers you can bring in tow. Keep reading to see all the choices offered and their corresponding prices! 

4 x 2 trim level options 

4 x 2 SR5 8-Passenger 


4 x 2 Limited 8-Passenger 


4 x 2 Platinum 7-Passenger 


4 x 4 trim level options 

4 x 4 SR5 8-Passenger 


4 x 4 Limited 8-Passenger 


4 x 4 Platinum 7-Passenger 



2021 Toyota Sequoia nightshade edition

Nightshade Editions 

We hope you aren’t afraid of the dark! The 2021 Toyota Sequoia will now offer the Nightshade Edition. This edition will be built on the luxurious Limited grade model which will have black leather-trim on the inside and a slightly sinister-looking black exterior trim. 

4 x 2 Nightshade Edition 


4 x 4 Nightshade Edition 


2021 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro

TRD Editions 

Designed to take the back roads, the TRD Editions will have features like the TRD-tuned FOX Shocks, TRD alloy wheels, TRD skid plate and Rigid Industries LED fog lights. 

4 x 2 TRD Sport 


4 x 4 TRD Sport  


4 x 4 TRD Pro 5.7-liter V8 




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