How often should I get my spark plugs replaced?

Spark plug replacement in Salinas, CA 

Regular maintenance of your vehicle is important to its longevity. We often think oil changes and tire rotations are important but there are other components in your vehicle that need regular changes as well. Spark plugs are important to change from time to time. Keep reading to learn why. 

First things first, what are spark plugs? 

Spark plugs are important to how your engine operates. They produce the combustion needed for the ignition activation and the engine progresses. If you do not change them regularly, your engine will not be able to operate at its maximum combustion level. 

Frequency of changing them 

Typically spark plugs should be replaced between every 20,000 to 40,000 miles. Your owner’s manual should give the exact recommended mileage. Some signs to look for to know for sure when you are due for a change is if your car is accelerating too slowly, your fuel isn’t economizing as it used to or you are having difficulties starting your car. 

mechanic working in a car

Get your spark plugs replaced at Salinas Toyota 

At Salinas Toyota, we have a service center at our dealership. If you are noticing some of the signs of your spark plugs wearing down or you have hit the recommended mileage, we suggest you schedule an appointment at our service center. All our mechanics are Toyota certified and know their way around a Toyota vehicle. Other services we offer include tire balance, filter replacements, coolant flush, muffler/exhaust repair and electrical service. 

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Get your vehicle serviced at Salinas Toyota 

If you need some routine maintenance done, schedule an appointment at our service center today. 

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