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How is Toyota responding to the novel Coronavirus?

Response to the Coronavirus from Toyota 

Toyota has a core value of always contributing to society in a meaningful way beyond providing mobility. In light of recent events, the company has taken several actions to curb the spread of the virus by donating and offering certain programs. Keep reading to see what Toyota is doing to help out the community and its customers.  

New and current owner financing 

The Toyota Financial Services portion of the company is providing payment relief options to customers who have been affected by COVID-19. Some of these options include contact payment extensions or deferred payments depending on the situation.  

Supply donations 

There has been a shortage of supplies for medical staff and Toyota has been making impactful donations to assist. These donations include safety glasses, shoe/boot covers, cotton swabs, blankets and masks. 

Community and Business Partnering Groups 

Donations are being continued to United Way, food banks and other non-profit organizations. Toyota Business Partnering Groups are also providing mentoring and university lecturing. 


The Toyota production line has been halted for the time-being. During this idled time, the manufacturing centers are focusing on creating supplies for medical professionals. Toyota will produce 3D printed face shields. Other supplies include COVID-19 masks, ventilators and respirators.  

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Learn more about our response to COVID-19 

We are making some changes due to the Coronavirus. Check out our response page to learn more about these changes. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us. We would love to help you stay informed to the best of our ability.  

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