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How does a used Toyota vehicle get certified?

Toyota Pre-Owned Certified (CPO) model inspection 

How does a used Toyota vehicle become a Certified Pre-Owned Toyota model? It must complete a 160-point inspection by a trained technician and pass with certain qualifications. Below, you can learn about how a vehicle passes this inspection. You can find Toyota-certified vehicles here at Salinas Toyota of Salinas, CA.  

Toyota Certified Used Vehicle (TCUV) multi-point inspection checklist 

Here we have a checklist of what our professional technicians will look for when they inspect a vehicle for certification. Once a vehicle is certified, it will be given the TCUV title, also known as CPO, and it will come with several benefits such as warranty coverage. First, though, it will need to pass this thorough examination. There are 160 points in total, but here are the main points of interest. 

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  1. Exterior body: The exterior of the vehicle must be free of dents. 
  2. Engine compartment: Fluid levels must be checked. Fluids include oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, clutch fluid, transfer case fluid, washer fluid, and power steering fluid. 
  3. Transmission and transaxle: The transmission should operate smoothly. 
  4. Steering system: The vehicle must drive straight on a level surface. 
  5. Braking system: Brakes should have no more than 50% wear. 
  6. Frame: The frame and unibody is checked for damage.  
  7. Tires: The four tires must be the exact same in every way including tread design and size. 
  8. Interior cabin: The interior must be free of excessive wear such as holes and rips. 
  9. Interior electronics: The speedometer and odometer must be functioning. 
  10. Audio systems: All audio systems including any cassette and CD players must operate normally. 

What is required for a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle? 

Other than passing the inspection, what is required for a TCUV? It must be newer than six years old, have less than 85,000 miles driven, and have an available Carfax ® vehicle history report. In short, these are high-quality used vehicles.