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How do I properly install a car seat into my Toyota Sienna?

Video guide to putting a child’s car seat into the Toyota Sienna 

How do I properly install a forward-facing child’s seat in my Toyota Sienna? Watch the video below to learn about putting a car seat into the third-row seat in your Toyota Sienna. Otherwise, scroll down to view our text guide. Visit Salinas Toyota for more information. We’re in Salinas, CA. 

Toyota How-To: Installing a Car Seat in Your Toyota Sienna | Toyota video by Toyota USA 

Steps to installing a forward-facing restraint seat in a Toyota vehicle 

These steps are taken straight from the video above. Please refer to the video if you are unsure about any of the steps. See your vehicle’s owner’s manual for more information. 

  1. Place the child’s car seat onto the vehicle’s seat. Do not trap the tether strap behind the car seat. 
  2. Adjust the seat back angle to match the child’s seat angle. There should not be a gap between the child’s seat back and the vehicle’s seat back. 
  3. Run the seat belt through the belt path on your child’s car seat. Buckle the seat belt into the car’s buckle. Make sure the belt is not twisted. 
  4. Fully extend the shoulder belt and let it retract to put it into lock mode. You may hear a clicking sound when this is done. In this mode, the belt can’t be extended and keeps the car seat in place. 
  5. Push the child’s seat down into the seat and allow the belt to retract further. Pull on the shoulder belt to confirm that it is locked in place. Repeat step four as needed until it is locked and secured. 
  6. Wiggle the child’s car seat to ensure that it can’t move more than one inch side to side. Check this front to back as well. If it moves more than this, repeat step five as needed. 
  7. Attach the child’s seat tether strap to the hook on the back of the vehicle’s car seat. Straight tethers can go through the head rest, while V-shaped tethers can go on either side of the head restraint.