2021 Toyota Avalon driving in snow

Here are the 2021 Toyota Avalon exterior color options

Exterior color options on the 2021 Toyota Avalon 

Daring in every detail, the 2021 Toyota Avalon stands out with a style of its own. To push it further, there are a variety of color options to choose between to personalize it to suit your style. Check out our photo gallery to see the options. 

2021 Toyota Avalon in Celestial Silver Metallic

Celestial Silver Metallic 

2021 Toyota Avalon in Wind Chill Pearl

Wind Chill Pearl 

2021 Toyota Avalon in Harbor Gray Metallic

Harbor Gray Metallic 

2021 Toyota Avalon in Opulent Amber

Opulent Amber 

2021 Toyota Avalon in Midnight Black Metallic

Midnight Black Metallic 

2021 Toyota Avalon in Ruby Flare Pearl

Ruby Flare Pearl 

2021 Toyota Avalon in Supersonic Red

Supersonic Red 

2021 Toyota Avalon in Blueprint


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Check out our online Toyota Avalon inventory 

If you are interested in the Toyota Avalon, check out our online inventory to see which models and color options we currently have. 

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