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Get your vehicle ready for Spring at Salinas Toyota

Spring maintenance at Salinas Toyota 

Spring is here so let’s get your vehicle in gear. If you are looking to have your vehicle maintained for spring, we have listed out some services that make sense to do. Keep reading to learn more. 

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What you should have done to get your vehicle ready for spring? 

Spring weather brings lots of rain. You should have your tires checked out to see if you have the proper amount of tread on them. If they look good, then all you need to do is have the air pressure checked out and have your tires rotated to keep them healthy and lasting a while longer. You should also see how your windshield wipers are doing and whether or not those need to be replaced. While the days are getting longer, you should still see how your headlights are doing and if they may need some replacing. 

Salinas Toyota can help you out! 

If you need any of the services mentioned done, stop over by Salinas Toyota. We only use OEM parts to ensure quality care and all our technicians are Toyota-certified. Many of the services we have discussed can be done through our Toyota Express Maintenance service area. Here our technicians take a “pit crew” approach to get your vehicle up and running in almost no time. Other services they do in this area include multi-point vehicle inspection, inspection and replacement of fluids and brake inspection. 

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Schedule an appointment at Salinas Toyota today! 

If you need a little tune-up on your vehicle this Spring, bring your vehicle into Salinas Toyota. Schedule an appointment today! 

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