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Avalon Touring in Wind Chill Pearl and Avalon Limited Hybrid in Opulent Amber

Let’s Take a Look at the Efficient Engine of the 2022 Toyota Avalon

Does the 2022 Toyota Avalon Come With a V6 engine?

Toyota has left a lasting legacy on the full-size sedan, the 2022 Toyota Avalon, as its production will discontinue after 2022. Here, we explore one of the essential key features of the sedan – its incredible engine, which is powered by a V6 engine. Visit our Salinas Toyota dealership today and explore the engine specs of the 2022 Toyota Avalon.   

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2022 Toyota Avalon parked outside a house

Watch How the 2022 Toyota Avalon Performs Against the 2022 Nissan Maxima!

2022 Toyota Avalon vs 2022 Nissan Maxima

To describe the superiority of a vehicle over one of its closest competitors, the most effective way is to compare the two vehicles right away. This is exactly what our team at Salinas Toyota has done in this blog. The 2022 Toyota Avalon is a huge hit among drivers who love technologically advanced sedans. 

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front quarter and side view of the 2022 Toyota Avalon

2022 Toyota Avalon Interior Amenities

Is the 2022 Toyota Avalon a Luxury Car? 

With a striking, coupe-inspired design, the 2022 Toyota Avalon takes refinement and style to a whole new level. It stands out in its segment with a clean and modern look featuring gloss-black accents, intricately designed LED front headlights, and rear taillights. These lights give Avalon a premium feel while improving the driver’s visibility. On the inside, the 2022 Toyota Avalon has a premium interior with authentic materials.

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side view of the 2022 Toyota Avalon parked by a pool

The 2022 Toyota Avalon Impresses Drivers with its Regal Look!

What Does the 2022 Toyota Avalon Look Like? 

A luxurious and large sedan, the 2022 Toyota Avalon is as magnificent inside as it is outside. And its spacious cabin and excellent performance dynamics have already impressed several drivers at our dealership, Salinas Toyota. Not only does the 2022 Toyota Avalon offer a smooth ride, but it also provides peace of mind to the driver with its impressive lineup of standard and available safety systems. After being in the market for over 20 years, its journey has finally come to an end. Are you wondering how the 2022 Toyota Avalon looks in its final version? Please keep reading to learn about it from our team in Salinas, CA. 

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2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime plugged in

Which Hybrid vehicles does Salinas Toyota offer?

Salinas Toyota Hybrid vehicle current selection 

Hybrid vehicles are great for fuel economy and low emissions. When owners are ready to sell, hybrid vehicles often retain a lot of their value. If you are in the market for a new hybrid vehicle, Salinas Toyota has a wide variety to choose from. Keep reading to see which hybrid vehicles are currently on our lot. 

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2020 Toyota Avalon driving around the curve

Take a look at the exterior color options on the 2020 Toyota Avalon

2020 Toyota Avalon color options 

With up to 32 miles to the gallon, the 2020 Toyota Avalon is out to give every day new meaning. The 2020 Toyota Avalon has up to eight model options to choose from, which includes a Hybrid edition and the TRD edition. To customize your technology experience, the 2020 Toyota Avalon has the available 1200-watt JBL Audio system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. To personalize even more, the 2020 Toyota Avalon has nine color options to choose between. Keep reading to see all the color options the 2020 Toyota Avalon has available. 

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2020 toyota corolla hybrid energy screen

What 2020 Toyota vehicles come as Hybrid?

Toyota Hybrid Options 

Toyota has been adding more vehicles to its selection of Hybrid vehicles in an attempt to help the environment. They have a goal to reduce emissions by up to 40%. To help consumers become more sustainable, Toyota offers more Hybrid options than ever before. Keep reading to see which of your favorite Toyota vehicles offer a Hybrid option.  

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