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Can I turn off my Toyota’s daytime running lights? 

For a number of reasons, drivers often would like to turn off their daytime running headlights. If you want to preserve the light bulbs, turning off the DRLs would be a nice option to have. But can you even do it? DRLs are designed as a safety feature. They make sure that you are always visible to others no matter what the driving conditions are. If your Toyota is equipped with a “DRL OFF” setting, you will be able to turn off your DRLs by twisting the headlight knob. It should be clearly labeled “DRL OFF”. Keep reading to learn more about DRLs. 

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Benefits of having daytime running lights 

Some might wonder why DRLs exist if you can just turn on your headlights when it gets dark out. Believe it or not, though, turning on headlights has been a struggle for some people. If you were to pull your car out of a brightly lit parking lot at night, you might not even realize that your headlights are off until you get onto a poorly lit road. DRLs ensure that that never happens. Even during the daytime, you can be hard for others to see depending on the weather. Moderate fog or rain can be enough to mask your car and DRLs will shine through it all to let others know where you are. 

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Are there cons to having daytime running lights? 

Depending on who you ask, there are some drawbacks to having DRLs that aren’t worth it. Critics argue that DRLs often shine too brightly and actually make the roads less safe. Most of that time, that is not the case. Toyota models with DRLs never shine as bright as standard headlights and don’t come with a cause for concern. In reality, DRLs aren’t always necessary, but studies have shown that they do in fact lower the chances of getting into an accident. 

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light blue toyota corolla hatchback on highway

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