Biggest Reasons to Get to the Car Wash This Week

Getting down to the car wash is more than just making your car look like new again. The benefits are long-term and numerous. Consider all of these reasons to making washing the car a part of your weekly routine.

Those dirt particles that are trapped in the car are going to be working like sandpaper once combined with rain. This left unwashed could cause severe damage to the paint and expose the metal.

Trapped dirt under the car can be difficult to remove with a hose. At the car wash, the undercarriage cleaning will make short work of all those particles that are leading to rust and corrosion.

Each time you visit the car wash, the windows and mirrors will be sparkling clean and make your driving safer.

Bird droppings and dead bugs left on the surface of the paint can lead to corrosion of the protective coating.

Protect your investment by taking better care of the exterior of your vehicle. Also remember your vehicle maintenance schedule with us at Salinas Toyota in Salinas, CA, to help keep up with your investment as well.