glass dishes of colorful ice cream scoops

Ice cream shops in Salinas CA

The dog days of summer is the best time to get ice cream. There is really never a bad time for ice cream, but the middle of August seems perfect. Salinas is home to many great ice cream parlors, both locally owned stores and national chains. Many of these places serve up regular ice cream, soft serve, frozen custard, frozen yogurt, and sorbet. Check out a few of our favorites below!  Read the rest of this entry >>

right headlight and grille of white toyota camry

Can I turn off my Toyota’s daytime running lights? 

For a number of reasons, drivers often would like to turn off their daytime running headlights. If you want to preserve the light bulbs, turning off the DRLs would be a nice option to have. But can you even do it? DRLs are designed as a safety feature. They make sure that you are always visible to others no matter what the driving conditions are. If your Toyota is equipped with a “DRL OFF” setting, you will be able to turn off your DRLs by twisting the headlight knob. It should be clearly labeled “DRL OFF”. Keep reading to learn more about DRLs.  Read the rest of this entry >>