2018 Toyota Sequoia parked in racing station

How capable is the 2018 Toyota Sequoia?

2018 Toyota Sequoia interior features and performance 

We live in an age of excess, where more equals better in most cases. Sometimes this can be problematic, but with vehicles such as the Toyota Sequoia, not only is it warranted, it’s desired. The Sequoia returns for the 2018 model year with beefy, high-level status both inside and under the hood, and we want to show you all that it can do today. So, come and join us as we run through the 2018 Toyota Sequoia interior features and performance! 

Steering wheel of 2018 Toyota Sequoia SUV

2018 Toyota Sequoia cargo volume and seating capacity 

The 2018 Sequoia is the largest of the Toyota SUV family, and by a pretty large margin. Its three-row configuration lends itself to having ample space for whatever you need to store inside, be that belongings or people. You’ll have upwards of 120.1 cubic feet to work with inside, and with all seats up, eight passengers can fit comfortably on the stitched leather seating that the Sequoia offers!

Wide shot of parked 2018 Toyota Sequoia

2018 Toyota Sequoia engine specs and maximum tow rating 

Being able to throw a bunch of stuff in your SUV doesn’t mean a great deal unless your vehicle is dedicated enough to be able to haul it all. “No problem,” says the Sequoia, as its 381-horsepower V8 engine can handle a towing capacity as high as 7,400 pounds! This means that whether you need to haul a trailer around town or a camper to the nearby grounds, the Sequoia has you covered.

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