How much can you store inside the 2018 Highlander?

2018 Toyota Highlander Standard & Maximum Cargo Capacity

There’s an abundance of three-row SUVs to choose from nowadays, but the 2018 Toyota Highlander definitely stands out from the rest of the crowd. This SUV’s above-average fuel economy and impressive loadout of safety features make it a top choice for many families. But for many drivers, one of the first things to know about an SUV is how much storage space it offers. If you’re wondering about the 2018 Toyota Highlander’s standard and maximum cargo capacity, read on.

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Drivers expecting to travel with a large amount of cargo or with plenty of passengers will be happy to hear about the 2018 Highlander’s spacious interior. The 2018 Toyota Highlander has an interior volume of 156 cubic feet, as measured by the Environmental Protection Agency. The roominess of the 2018 Highlander’s cabin is reflected in its storage space. Standard cargo capacity for this three-row SUV is 13.8 cubic feet. However, drivers can fold the second and third rows of seating down to achieve a maximum cargo capacity of 83.2 cubic feet.

2018 Toyota Highlander driving down a road by the shore2018 Toyota Highlander Passenger-Friendly Features

The 2018 Toyota Highlander can seat up to eight people. Passengers will be able to enjoy 44.2 inches of leg room and 39.5 inches of head room in the front seats, while rear-row passengers have access to 38.4 inches of leg room and 39.6 inches of head room. Five USB ports are located throughout the cabin for passengers to enjoy – three in the front and two in the back. A panoramic moonroof is available for the 2018 Highlander, allowing passengers to enjoy the sky during travel.

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