Things to have in your roadside emergency kit

You never know when you might run into problems while driving, so it's good to be prepared. You should keep a roadside emergency kit in your car, and here are some of the things it should contain.

If you are involved in an accident, there might be injuries to people in your car or the other one, so your emergency kit should contain a first-aid kit.

Another must-have in your emergency kit is items to deal with a breakdown. These can include jumper cables, emergency road flares, a gas can and a multi-purpose tool.

You also need to be prepared to be stranded in inclement weather, so your emergency roadside kit should include non-perishable food such as energy bars, water, blankets, a flashlight and a cellphone charger.

No one wants to need an emergency roadside kit, but it is much better to have one and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Three User Errors That Can Cause Auto Damages

Some automobile repairs happen because there is a lack of preventative maintenance. The following are three driver mistakes that can cause serious problems with their vehicles:

Ignored Fluid Checks

Many car owners forget to have the fluid in their cars checked. This often results in blown head gaskets and other issues. It isn’t time-consuming to do a fluid check on one’s car, and it can save the motor’s life.

Fuel Light Roulette

When the light says that a person has “low fuel,” it is important to get the fuel promptly. Unfortunately, many people ignore this factor with the fuel light and end up damaging their fuel pumps in the process.

Objects in Tires or Deflated Tires

It is important not to ignore a deflated tire or a tire that has an object in it. Our technicians can help you with any vehicle issues that you are having. If you would like quality service for your vehicle, contact us at Salinas Toyota and schedule an appointment and we will look at your car and try to fix the problem.

Buying vs. Leasing a Toyota Can Be a Difficult Decision

If you are taking the time and pondering about getting a new car, then you have probably been worried thinking about making the right selections regarding your purchase. One of those plethora of choices that you will run into is whether or not to lease or buy the vehicle. Leasing and buying are both respectable choices for anyone interested in getting a new car, but which one is right for you?

Leasing a car is a good possibility for someone looking to get an exclusive vehicle. If you happen to have your heart set on a car but have a budget that you need to follow, then leasing might be a good option to look into. Leasing allows you to get a more expensive car for a cheaper monthly payment than buying it.

Buying a car is a good option for someone who is looking to build up their equity. When you take out a loan to buy a car, you are building equity with each payment you make.

If you have any inquiries about which option is best for you, come into the dealership at Salinas Toyota to get some professional advice.