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Get Your Vehicle Ready for Summer Travel!

Getting ready for that big summer road trip? Don't forget about your vehicle’s health. Take it into our dealership here at Salinas Toyota in Salinas, CA, for a pre-trip checkup.

Sometimes we take our vehicle for granted, and when planning a big summer trip, it is sometimes forgotten about, lost in the shuffle of all the other plans. It is important, however, to get your vehicle checked out before venturing off. Nothing will ruin a trip quicker than getting stranded on the side of the road...

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Biggest Reasons to Get to the Car Wash This Week

Getting down to the car wash is more than just making your car look like new again. The benefits are long-term and numerous. Consider all of these reasons to making washing the car a part of your weekly routine.

Those dirt particles that are trapped in the car are going to be working like sandpaper once combined with rain. This left unwashed could cause severe damage to the paint and expose the metal.

Trapped dirt under the car can be difficult to remove with a hose. At the car wash, the undercarriage cleaning will make short work of all those…

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Three User Errors That Can Cause Auto Damages

Some automobile repairs happen because there is a lack of preventative maintenance. The following are three driver mistakes that can cause serious problems with their vehicles:

Ignored Fluid Checks

Many car owners forget to have the fluid in their cars checked. This often results in blown head gaskets and other issues. It isn’t time-consuming to do a fluid check on one's car, and it can save the motor's life.

Fuel Light Roulette

When the light says that a person has "low fuel," it is important to get the fuel promptly...

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Buying vs. Leasing a Toyota Can Be a Difficult Decision

If you are taking the time and pondering about getting a new car, then you have probably been worried thinking about making the right selections regarding your purchase. One of those plethora of choices that you will run into is whether or not to lease or buy the vehicle. Leasing and buying are both respectable choices for anyone interested in getting a new car, but which one is right for you?

Leasing a car is a good possibility for someone looking to get an exclusive vehicle...

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The 2017 Toyota Corolla: A Compact Sedan that Solves Problems

In the past when you bought a compact sedan you never expected to find a plethora of modern technology. Nowadays you are able to find great technology in even the most affordable cars on the market. The 2017 Toyota Corolla is a great example of an affordable compact sedan that comes jam-packed with plenty of great features standard.

The 2017 Toyota Corolla is a fully redesigned version of the incredibly popular sedan. The new model comes with a new front fascia that utilizes more angles, narrower lights, and vertical LED lights by the bumper. Additionally, the entire body comes together…

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